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Over a million Covid cases feared in North Korea.jpg

Over a million Covid cases feared in North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has slammed health officials and ordered the army to assist in the distribution of medicine as a wave of Covid cases sweeps the country.


According to state media, more than a million people have been sickened by what Pyongyang is calling a "fever."


There have been 50 deaths, but it is unclear how many of those suspected cases tested positive for Covid.


Because North Korea has limited testing capacity, only a few cases have been confirmed.

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Covid mask rule partially eased for EU air travel.jpg

Covid mask rule partially eased for EU air travel

Face masks are no longer required for flights to many EU destinations, but Germany, Greece, Italy, and Spain are among the countries that still require them.


The EU's easing, which takes effect on Monday, is in line with changing Covid guidance on public transportation across Europe.


Face masks are no longer required on planes, trains, or buses in France.


However, Italy requires passengers to continue wearing the more protective FFP2 masks on public transportation until June 15.


The following countries in the EU's 27-member bloc still require face masks on flights: Portugal, Austria, Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.


The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) announced the EU-wide easing last week, saying "it is a relief to all of us that we are finally reaching a stage in the pandemic where we can start to relax the health safety measures."

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Man who had sore throat finds out he has HIV as he urges people to get tested.jpg

Man who had sore throat finds out he has HIV as he urges people to get tested

A man has spoken out about how his sore throat turned out to be HIV, and he has urged others to get tested.


He explained in a TikTok video clip how he thought he had the common condition and that there was nothing to worry about.


Kyle Dallape, a marketing director from California, was later diagnosed by his doctor with strep throat, a bacterial infection.


The 27-year-symptoms old's began to worsen, with weight loss, oral thrush, and swollen lymph nodes, as well as the bacterial infection reappearing twice.


He realised something was wrong after losing 30 pounds.


He didn't believe his symptoms could be linked because he had been tested for HIV a few weeks before his initial diagnosis and the results were negative.


However, after additional testing in June 2018, he was diagnosed with the virus, which devastated him.


"My worst nightmare had come true," Kyle said.


"My parents, friends, and now-fiancee were all crucial in getting me started on treatment and realising that my life wasn't over."


"A month later, I began Biktarvy, a once-daily HIV treatment pill, and by November of that year, I had reached undetectable levels of the virus."


"Since then, my T-cell count has continued to rise, and my viral load has remained undetectable."


He decided to share his ordeal on TikTok in order to raise awareness and break the stigma surrounding HIV.

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Lassa fever killed 151 people in Nigeria in 17 weeks, says NCDC.jpg

Lassa fever killed 151 people in Nigeria in 17 weeks, says NCDC

The Lassa fever disease has been managed in 723 cases at the case management centre in Nigeria.


According to the PUNCH, the disease's death toll has continued to rise, with the country reporting 151 deaths so far.


A total of 23 states have confirmed cases of the disease.


On Sunday's Lassa fever situation report, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control noted this on its website.

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Delhi suffers at 49C as heatwave sweeps India.jpg

Delhi suffers at 49C as heatwave sweeps India

An intense heatwave is sweeping through northern India, with temperatures reaching a record 49.2 degrees Celsius (120.5 degrees Fahrenheit) in parts of the capital, Delhi.


This is the capital's fifth heatwave since March.


Temperatures are expected to remain high in many parts of the country, prompting officials to advise residents to take precautions.


They warned that the heat could endanger the health of the most vulnerable people, such as infants, the elderly, and those suffering from chronic diseases.

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Cancer mum outlives life expectancy by 7 years.jpg

Cancer mum outlives life expectancy by 7 years

In 2015, doctors gave a mother only 12 months to live, but she defied doctors and said she was "stubbornly" clinging to life.


Heidi Loughlin of Portishead discovered she had breast cancer while pregnant with Ally Louise Smith.


She postponed treatment in order to have Ally 12 weeks early, but Ally died shortly after birth.


She attributes her survival to good mental health and regular exercise.


Ms. Loughlin has chemotherapy every three weeks and hopes to leave a legacy for her other children.


The podcaster recently revealed that she was nearing the end of her cancer treatment.


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