Is to be partners in the provision of quality health and wellness opportunities by rendering urbane services that will impact our regional history that even children yet unborn, shall live to be proud of.

Is to explore the benefits of staying healthy by bringing people, organization and resources together to encourage healthy living and enforce substantial healthy people and environment. 



We propagate that;


Access to health care brings about wellness


Wellness produces human resource 


Human resource breeds development 


Development sustains a nation


A sustained nation is of great essence to the earth


Therefore, health surpasses any form of barrier, be it, race, ethnic, religion, politics, class and many others.

StayWellWorld is a health media platform that optimizes simple day to day elements to project the best of health and wellness practices through content capacity development and management. We do what we do because we affirm that greatness can also be found even in the smallest of things irrespective of perceived evaluations. With our impeccable attention to details, one of our greatest attributes is bringing to life through creative innovations complex substances in simplified manner. Our commitment to upholding the human dignity and a safe world has attracted several other collaborations.


While some more platforms are in progress, some are already up and in collaboration with a few interest groups;

StayWellWorld TV Series (Television): is a thirty minutes weekly health enabling television series that provides simplified empowerment through health literacy, advocacy, and prevention. It strategically explores 3D anatomy animation along with other intriguing segments like physician appraisal, public opinion, and incisive cinematic drama to x-ray the causes, symptoms and treatments of various health concerns, one topic at a time. Read more....

StayWellWorld Radio Series: A replica of each Television Series is recreated to suit radio broadcasting.  This avails us superb opportunity to reach wider demographic targets or specific groups. We are taking advantage of this, knowing that it is the most convenient and easy-to-access mass medium that people use while driving, cleaning, mowing the lawn, etc.

StayWellWorld-Connect (SWW-C): is a sensitization project developed to provide health and wellness training through interactive class sessions. The essence is to help the community cultivate a healthy lifestyle habit, genuine care for lives and properties by becoming more pragmatic in life-saving skill techniques and solving case-based scenarios. 


SWW-C (Africa)

Heart disease is the number one cause of death globally, with more than 17 million deaths per year. And more so, coronary artery disease, which affects blood flow to the heart, bringing about sudden cardiac arrest and eventual death, is one of Africa's most common types of heart disease. Over 40% of Nigerians have at least one of these three risk factors for heart disease; high blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and smoking. Several other medical conditions and lifestyle choices such as diabetes, malnutrition, physical inactivity, depression, excessive alcohol use can put people at a higher risk of heart disease. 


Furthermore, another overwhelming challenge is the loss of lives caused by inadequacies and inexperience. SWW-C is therefore tackling these challenges through Basic Wellness and Basic Life Support community-based empowerment training. Through substantive collaborative efforts, FIRST-AID, CPR, and AED shall be offered for free for the continuous strengthening of the various communities.